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Themed Party Ideas for Any Occasion


Planning a themed party can be a lot of fun. It can also be challenging and stressful, depending on the theme you choose. If your idea is too specific, then it will be hard to find decor and food that matches. But if your theme is too vague or broad, then it won’t stick out among all of the other parties that have been thrown recently

A party dedicated to your favorite popular video game, movie, or fandom.

If you’re a fan of video games, movies, or fandoms in general, then there’s no doubt that you’ve been to at least one themed party like this. Themed parties are always a blast because it’s fun to get dressed up and celebrate your favorite things with friends.

For the most part, themed parties are just regular parties with a theme attached to them. It’s easy to host one—just pick out the food and drinks that fit your theme (and don’t forget the decorations!). 

To help you plan your next themed party, we’ve created this list of ideas:

  • Choose your theme carefully; it’ll set the tone for everything else at the party. If you have an idea for a specific game or movie in mind but can’t decide on what kind of food would go best with it, then we recommend looking at Pinterest for inspiration! You’ll find lots of great ideas there!
  • Make sure everyone dresses up according to their character. This could mean wearing special clothes like capes or tiaras if it makes sense within context (like if they’re royalty). 

Or perhaps wearing nothing but underwear while playing strip poker might be more appropriate? Either way works as long as no one feels uncomfortable about how much skin they’re showing off! 

It’s also important not just between people who know each other well but even strangers too since everyone has different levels of comfortability when talking about sex (even though these topics tend to come up naturally during any given conversation).

A murder mystery dinner party.

A murder mystery dinner party is a fun activity for your guests to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you choose to host it at home or in a restaurant, but be sure to set the scene with creepy music and lighting.

As the host of the party, you will be responsible for organizing the event by purchasing tickets and invitations, and planning games and activities that can take place during dinner time (examples include guessing who did it or what weapon was used). You can also assign roles for each guest: there will be characters who have been murdered; witnesses; suspects; investigators; etc…

The best part about this themed party? You don’t need any special skills or experience! This one’s perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to spice up their next get-together!

A Star Wars-themed party for the sci-fi fans.

You’re a sci-fi fan and you want to throw a party for your friends. You’re also not a nerd, so you want something that will be fun for both adults and kids without being too childish. Star Wars is the perfect option!

The Star Wars franchise has come to mean so much more than just the movies themselves (which are great). Themes from these films can be used to create any type of event: birthday parties, adult get-togethers at home or in bars, and even family reunions.

There are so many characters in this universe who have become iconic that it’s easy to find inspiration for whatever themed party you want to throw. There are Jedi Knights who use the Force and wield lightsabers; there are Sith Lords who use dark powers; there are Stormtroopers who serve Darth Vader; there are members of the Rebel Alliance fighting against them all…the list goes on!

An 80s or 90s music-themed party with a real live DJ.

An 80s and 90s music-themed party with a real live DJ might be the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. Themed parties always mean you can take it up a notch and really put some effort into your theme, which means that if you choose this one, people will remember it years later! Plus, there are so many different types of music from that era—pop, alternative rock, modern country…whatever kind of music you like best!

If you know what type of party you want in advance (for example, an 80s/90s themed birthday party) then go ahead and search for specific songs or artists that are associated with those decades. You can also ask friends and family members who grew up during those eras for suggestions about their favorite artists or bands from back then. 

Then make sure someone knows how to play them all so they’re ready at any time!

An intimate surprise dinner event at a local restaurant.

A great idea is to make a reservation at your favorite local restaurant. You can invite as many or as few people as you want, get the menu that suits you and your group’s tastes, and have a sit-down section in the same venue. 

This is perfect for celebrating family members and friends alike.

It’s important to stress that this theme doesn’t require anything special from the participants besides showing up, which makes it ideal for last-minute themed parties!

This list didn’t include things like birthday parties, Christmas events, or wedding receptions, so these ideas are great if you’re looking for something unique or different to do with your friends, or if you’re just trying to come up with something fun to do for no reason at all! You can find more party ideas on the internet and get inspiration from your friends. The most important thing is that you have fun.


Whether you’re looking for a new way to celebrate your favorite fandom or just want an excuse to dress up and have fun, this list of themed party ideas is sure to help! Whether it’s a murder mystery dinner or an 80s music party with a live DJ, these ideas will make for an unforgettable experience that your guests will never forget.If you’re looking for a venue for your next themed party, HOLA is the place for you! Book your event with us today.

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