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**Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Marinated tenderloin cubes, smothered with demi-glace, served on sizzling plate

₱ 425

Seasoned pork meat and mask, topped with microgreens, match it with rice or soft tacos

₱ 395

Lightly seared blackened tuna, sliced, served with a micro salad and Japanese soy, infused with wood smoke

₱ 325

Ilokano classic, eggplant, tomato, and onion, cooked takoyaki style, topped with dulong powder and sweet soy sauce

₱ 245

Crazy Nuts & Potatoes

Assorted nuts and corn bits, topped with potato chips

₱ 195

Spinach & Cheese Croquettas | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Spinach & Cheese Croquettas

Potatoes filled with sautéed spinach and cheese, breaded, and fried, served with creamy garlic dip

₱ 345

Lightly breaded, deep fried squid rings, served with 4 kinds of dip

₱ 350

Gambas Sizzling | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Gambas Sizzling

Spiced shrimp cooked in garlic and butter, served on sizzling plate with garlic bread

₱ 380

Beef and cheese enclosed in crispy pockets, served with chimichurri and salsa

₱ 295

Cheese Pockets

Three-cheese enclosed in crispy pockets, drizzled with honey, topped with nuts

₱ 235

Chipotle Wings

Deep fried chicken wings tossed in chipotle sauce, served with blue cheese dip

₱ 395