We are definitely raising the BAR! Dining in the heart of Mandaluyong City has never been so tasty and so satisfying. Breakfast? Drinks? Hangouts? Or even some Fast Casual Dining? More than just your regular resto-bar, HOLA is the best place to celebrate life, memories, and friendship because of Hola’s Eat, Drink, Play Culture.


HOLA is an experimental and eco-friendly restaurant, combining sustainability, creativity and playfulness in every dish and cocktail- making it a breed apart from your regular resto bar. Creating gastronomical experiences for all five senses for pure pleasure and warmth in every bite.

More than just your typical restaurant, it is a communal place with mid-century dining vibes, thoughtfully designed for sharing moment with friends and strangers alike. Boosting the scenic 30-seat bleachers filled with fluffy, almost dreamy cushions and pillows that keeps you in sheer comfort while sipping a cup of coffee, dining on a salad, or just getting some work done.



From all-time favorites to experimental flavors, HOLA presents a wide range of eclectic food offers which can satisfy all palates. Combining flavors with un-orthodox techniques, let the flavors take you for a ride!

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