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6 Best tips on How to Make the Perfect DIY Burger

Who doesn’t love a good burger?

I know I do! 

Even before I became a chef, burgers have been one of my favorite comfort foods. 

Something about the combination of perfectly grilled patties, the fresh lettuce and tomatoes, exquisite cheese, ketchup and mayo, and the perfectly made, delectable buns just soothe the soul in a way nothing else comes close to. 

It’s also one of the recipes I enjoy making the most, now that I work at HOLA as one of the chefs.

I might not be able to have it everyday, but on the days that I can, I certainly make sure that it is well worth the wait. 

I have tried so many recipes across the globe, but the recipe that I am about to share with you has been the absolute best recipe I have ever tried. It’s such an easy DIY, and the burgers come out perfect each and every time. 

It’s so good that it is one of the staple dishes at HOLA, an amazing restaurant in Mandaluyong, Manila where I work. 

If you can, you should definitely check the place out! 

The ambiance, combined with the great food and service make for amazing memories that you will not find anywhere else.

But enough talking, let’s get to the good part.

The perfect burger starts with the right ingredients

This recipe makes for two burgers.

If you’re planning on making more or less, adjust the ratio as is necessary.

For the patties, you will need:

  • 300 g Ground Beef
  • 5g Salt
  • 5g Pepper
  • 2g Cumin
  • 2g Chili Powder
  • 15ml Soy Sauce

Secret Tips for your Burger Patties

Perfect burgers need perfect patties.”

Burger patties are best when they have a ratio of 80% meat to 20% fat, making your patties juicy and tender, holding flavors really well. To get this, make sure that you grind your meat and keep a watch on its consistency!

To get started with the patties, you will need a clean mixing bowl and two clean hands. 

Combine the meat with salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, and soy sauce. Separate the mixture evenly into two 150g bundles of amazingness, then set it aside in the fridge or the chiller to cool for 30 minutes.

Keep the patties cold, not frozen!

Keeping them this way allows for the fat to stay solid and create pockets of flavor inside of your patties, instead of just melting away on the pan. That would be a waste of good flavor.

How to Grill your Burger Patties?

“If you’re cooking a bigger batch, measure the patties with a mold or a weighing scale.

This will make sure that you’ll get an even distribution to all of the burgers.

Prepare all of the dressings and vegetables you want for your burger! For this recipe, I recommend lettuce, onion, cucumber, tomato, jalapenos, and pickles. 

These toppings will compliment the flavors of the patties best, but of course, to each their own! Chop up and prep all of the veggies before you start assembling.

After that, it’s time to make the garlic paste that you will use as your dressing. 

For this, you will need:

  • 50g Mayonnaise
  • 10g Garlic Paste

Mash your garlic, add a sprinkle of salt, and mix it all together with your mayonnaise. 

Set aside in the meantime.

“Cook the patties in the grill on an uncovered pan to create a nice sear.”

This is usually for 3-5 minutes, but it depends on how thick you made your patties. A few seconds before you remove the patties from the heat, put the cheese you’re going to be using on top to help it melt.

Perfect way of putting Dressing on your Burgers

“When you’re assembling the burgers, make sure that you spread the dressing evenly on top of your patties, for even flavor in each and every bite. “

As a not-so side note, make sure that you mix your dressing well, but do not overwork it! This makes for a tender, juicy, and even more delicious burger.

After you get everything all prepped, it’s time to heat the pan. Before you place your patties, make sure that your pan has been preheated for the best sears of your patties. 

If you’re going to be using a non-stick pan, make sure to oil up the surface with around 15ml of the oil of your choice. 

Sear the patties for 3-5 minutes on each side. And then, rest it on a rack for at least 3 minutes.

How to avoid wet and soggy Buns?

“To avoid wet and soggy buns, you have to let the patties rest to the side after they’ve been cooked for at least 3 minutes, this allows the meat to relax again and stop leaking excess juices.”

Brioche buns work best with this recipe because of its soft, buttery texture. 

Add a little bit of butter to the pan, then toast your buns to perfection!

While any kind of bread can work as your bun, brioche buns hit differently with this recipe.

The added texture of the sesame seeds on top, and the soft, smooth buttery flavor of the bun, when paired with the flavors of the patties and dressing, are absolutely foodgasmic!

Don’t forget the Cheese!

“Use your favorite cheese!”

Cheddar, gouda, swiss, or any other variation of cheese, so long as the flavors complement the recipe as a whole. Don’t be afraid to experiment! 

A Secret Trade on how to level up your Burgers

“Wanna know an awesome little secret? Adding fried onion rings to this burger recipe will take it to a whole other level. You can thank me later.”

And finally, assemble! Bun – patty – dressing – garnish – patty!

And BAM! 

You’ve got yourself the perfect, DIY burger that is sure to wow not only you, but everyone else you’re going to be making the burger for! 

This recipe is great for cookouts because it’s also incredibly flexible and adjustable depending on personal preferences. 

It’s really easy to make, and it barely takes 45 minutes to get everything all done and assembled. 

Food is such an amazing, beautiful gift! 

For me, food is a language all in itself. 

The way that food can communicate and soothe your needs, create stronger bonds with you and the people you love, and explore different cultures and histories is truly awe-inspiring. 

It’s a great thing to enjoy alone, or with company. 

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