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Fried KSP | Hola Eat Drink Play

Fried KSP

Lightly battered kangkong, spinach, and pechay; served with sinamak, honey mustard, garlic mayonnaise, and lemon

₱ 195

Classic goto with bagnet, chicken, chicharon, egg, spring onion, and garlic bits

₱ 325

Seafood Chowder

Assorted seafood and vegetables in cream-based broth, served on bread bowl

₱ 265

Hola! Hola!

Grilled chicken, assorted greens, cherry tomatoes, red radish, olives, onion, bell peppers, carrots, croutons, cucumber, served with balsamic vinaigrette

₱ 325

Spicy Shrimp & Mango

Sauteed shrimp with spices, assorted greens, red onion, fresh ripe mango, red radish, served with wasabi cream dressing

₱ 265

Marinated tenderloin cubes, smothered with demi-glace, served on sizzling plate

₱ 425

Seasoned pork meat and mask, topped with microgreens, match it with rice, crispy, or soft tacos

₱ 395

Ilokano classic, eggplant, tomato, and onion, cooked takoyaki style, topped with dulong powder and sweet soy sauce

₱ 245

Nacho Bombs | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Nacho Bombs

Beef and cheese enclosed in crispy pockets, served with guacamole and salsa

₱ 295

Bagnet feeling pritchon | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Bagnet Feeling Pritchon

Crunchy bagnet served with four kinds of sauces, wrap it like pritchon, or eat it with rice

₱ 550

Chicken Breast | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast, gravy, with 1 side

₱ 245

Salmon, garlic butter, with 1 side

₱ 700

Bacsilog | HOLA Eat Drink Play


Crispy bacon strips, egg, garlic rice, cheese sauce

₱ 410

Binagoongan | HOLA Eat Drink Play


Crispy pork belly, bagoong rice, tomato

₱ 245

Pad Thai

Mixed seafood and rice noodles tossed in spicy tamarind based sauce

₱ 340

Regular or Large

Lasagna rolls with creamy and cheesy spinach and mushroom filling, topped with more cheese and pesto sauce

₱ 360 / ₱ 525

Crispy thin crust, pomodoro, beef, bell pepper, onion, mozzarella, ranch

₱ 370

Crispy thin crust, béchamel, cream cheese, mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar

₱ 370

Brioche bun, chorizo patty, cheese, garlic sauce, vegetables, jalapeño, served with French fries

₱ 445

Brioche bun, lightly breaded fish patty, garlic aioli, lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, served with French fries

₱ 445

UnMeat Burger

Brioche bun, unmeat burger patty, cheese, garlic sauce, vegetables, mushroom, served with French fries

₱ 335

Chili con Carne (Street Taco) | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Chili con Carne (Street Taco)

Ground beef, beans, chili

₱ 109

Chili con Carne (Nachos) | HOLA Eat Drink Play

Chili con Carne (Nachos)

Ground beef, beans, chili

₱ 315

Chicken Fingers

Breaded chicken breast strips with honey mustard

₱ 240